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APA title page (cover page)

Build a Cover Letter. Font Size — 12 point Margins — One-inch all around Many of these formatting items are common with the rest of your APA paper , but remember that each institution and professor may have separate specifications for how they want your paper formatted. The APA Publication will have the following two items on every page, beginning with the title page: Running Head Think of this as your abbreviated title.

All information in these lines should be: Double spaced Centered Use both upper and lower case text Use the same easy-to-read serif font either specified by the institution or the APA recommended Times New Roman in 12 point. The three sections are as follows: APA Paper Title The title should follow the below instructions: Not be more than 12 words long May take up to two lines on your paper if need be. Concise Avoid the use of abbreviations Unlike references and titles of work you are citing within the body of your essay, the title of your paper must not be boldface or in italics.

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Name of the Author This will be the only place that you put your name so your paper can be anonymous when submitting it for review for publication without the title page. Size: B Downloads: Filename: standard-format. Size: B Downloads: Filename: two-authors-same-affiliations. Size: B Downloads: Filename: two-authors-two-affiliations. Size: B Downloads: Filename: three-authors-two-affiliations.

Size: B Downloads: Filename: three-authors-three-affiliations. Size: B Downloads: Filename: three-authors-same-affiliations-for-the-first-and-third-authors.

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Size: B Downloads: Filename: one-author-one-affiliation. Blanchard, J. Did you know?

Fourteen facts on sled hockey. Conran, P. Busan review: Parallel means well but lacks drive.

According to APA, 6th Ed. Level 2 should be flush left and bolded.

How do I set up a paper with APA formatting?

Level 3 should be indented and bolded. A page number should be provided as well if the reference includes a direct quote. The Abstract should serve as a brief overview of the paper and state the subject of the paper, the purpose, the method used to obtain data, how the data was analyzed, what the findings were, and what conclusions or recommendations were made. It should be very concise at about words. Published Date: October 13, You can do that here at the APA official site.

Formatting APA essays should be type-written on standard white paper, 8. For example: APA formatting typically requires one to include a title page and abstract as well. The title page is formatted like this: The running header appears at the top of the title page with the page number on the right.


The title page should be followed by the Abstract. The summary itself should be flush with the left-hand margin. After the Abstract, the paper itself should begin on the next page. Body of the Paper The first paragraph of your paper will be your introduction. It requires no heading and should provide simply some background to your topic. Headings in APA Level 1 headings serve as main section headings. Level 2 headings serve as sub-section headings, and so on.

Level 3 Fund Managers Chasing Yield. Level 3 Meanings of trends. Level 4 Meaning lost. References APA uses a References page to list all the sources used in a paper. Here are some examples: Akinsomi, O.

Or: Calhoun-Brown, A. For example: Jones, E.

Creating an APA Title Page

Or: Kraft, R. Website sources will be referenced like this: Blanchard, J. Everything should be double-spaced.

Create an APA Cover Page

A running header should be included on every page along with the page number. The introduction does not require a heading.

Good luck! Remember to do an Abstract Use headings and sub-headings to break up your essay and make it more readable. Always make sure you are following the latest APA guidelines: check to see if the Manual has been updated! Student Network Resources Inc, 13 October. Latest Chicago Format 16th edition Copy Reference. Student Network Resources Inc.

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