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There is no stated programme size but it generally takes guided learning hours to complete a course in one subject. Higher education providers can also expect to receive applications from UK students holding the qualifications; these are most likely to be from the independent sector. From the application cycle onwards, you should expect most applicants to hold Pearson Edexcel International GCSE grades on the 9—1 scale, with only mature applicants holding International GCSEs with lettered grades. Pearson International GCSEs enable international progression and are accepted by universities and employers worldwide.

Students can generally expect that their grades will be accepted as equivalent, grade for grade, to UK GCSE grades by universities worldwide. Search Search field:. Not sure what to do? Browse subject guides Explore subjects. Popular subjects Medicine Law Psychology. Sign in. Students Advisers Providers Awarding body sign in. Qualification Information Profile list. I also prefer the look of the EdExcel papers. They look a bit more friendly. Whilst it's early days I do think AQA's online resources seem better though - more prep'ed stuff at this stage.

Evertonian , Apr 21, We have just decided to stay with Edexcel after looking at AQA. The triple physics is more coherent, AQA seems a bit of a jumble with no real string to it. Also with Edexcel you have three modular exams per year but with AQA only 2. I too prefer Edexcel content but their admin is appalling. We have suffered thought filling in optems for predicted grades for IAAs and practical marks, oh and exams they have already sat. You will not get a straight answer from them by phone or email, I have in the past phoned three times on one day with the same enquiry and got three significantly different answers.

I know mistakes happen but in the March series they managed to print questions 1 and 2 three times in the paper but nothing else. We had to get a corrected copy faxed then photocopied with students sitting in silence in the hall, our exams officer aged significantly that day. I hope other people have had a better experience with them and they just dislike our school! In the biology dept we are actually enjoying teaching some biology again.

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The AQA gcse is very bitty and doesn't seem to have much substance to it. Agree with much of the below. Edexcel do some great courses, especially at A level, but their admin is absolutely abysmal. Not sure they care that much either, as people have been telling them this for years!

A Level Biology – How to Study From Home

How Science Works HSW is integrated into the specification statements, so teachers and students are clear about the way this will be assessed. For AS level, the HSW is examined in the contexts provided in the topic specification statements, and through the coursework. Practical-related HSW content is assessed both through the written exams and teacher assessment.

COMP1 - Testing #1 - Writing an 'Evaluation'

The idea is that all HSW content is developed over the AS course, and assessed formatively by the teacher or by peer assessment. The formal assessment for AS HSW takes place through a visit or issue report, teacher assessment of using apparatus, recording results and presenting and analysing data, and through the written exams.

At A2, the HSW is assessed through an individual investigation drawing on the practical and investigative skills developed at AS, and though the written exams. Specification for The written report may be a record of a visit to a site of biological interest, or a report of non-practical research into a biological issue. In both cases the student identifies a relevant question or problem.

The report concentrates on what biologists are doing to find a solution. The report should be between and words.

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The report can be marked internally, or externally by Edexcel. Students complete the core practicals and other practical investigations during the course.

Teachers verify that students have completed the core practical work to develop the practical biology skills identified in the specification. Knowledge of these techniques and skills may be assessed in questions on the written papers. Students devise and carry out an individual experimental investigation, and present a written report of their investigation.

This report will be marked by the teacher, with moderation by Edexcel. There are a vast number of ideas on the Edexcel website. Look for tutor support materials. You'll need an Edexcel log on achieved via your exam secretary as this is secure material. Education University. What do you recommend for student revision? Should I get a revision guide?


Know what you need to know! Use the Checkpoint questions in the textbook For each SNAB topic, make sure you complete all the Checkpoint questions in the shaded boxes in the text book. Redo the interactives Redo as many interactive tutorials on snabonline as you can, completing another copy of the worksheet as you go.

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  6. Make your own active revision resources Have you seen the hyperlink on snabonline to the SNAB glossary? Use Mediabank to make more active revision resources There is a link to a folder called Mediabank in the left-hand menu next all the Topic folders on snabonline. Do or re-do the end of topic tests Ask your teacher to set or reset the interactive end-of-topic tests on snabonline.

    edexcel biology coursework issue report Edexcel biology coursework issue report
    edexcel biology coursework issue report Edexcel biology coursework issue report
    edexcel biology coursework issue report Edexcel biology coursework issue report
    edexcel biology coursework issue report Edexcel biology coursework issue report
    edexcel biology coursework issue report Edexcel biology coursework issue report
    edexcel biology coursework issue report Edexcel biology coursework issue report

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