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Architect will produced a good, unique and suitable plan of building to be selected depend on the clients or tender. Civil and surveyor engineer will measure and produce the quantity of material uses in the construction. Mechanical and electrical engineer will make sure the building will be install with the electricity and water supply as daily needs. Landscape architect will decorate the building to make it more interesting and have aesthetic value. Contractor act as supplier to the project.

He will find the labors, the material suppliers to make sure the material continuous. Tendering is a process or method to obtain offers leading to a contract. According to the Aqua Group, tendering is a procedure to select a suitable contractor, at a time appropriate to the circumstances, and to obtain from him at the proper time, an acceptable tender or offer upon which a contract can be let. Open or public tendering is a bidding process which open to public to compete with each other to win the tender and fulfilled the qualifications. The selection process based on the price and quality offered and sealed bids are often revealed in public to ensure transparency.

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The main tendering procedure employed by the government and private sector. Negotiated tendering is when the contractor is selected and the contract price agreed upon not through competition but on the basis of negotiation between the parties. The contract is not put out to tender but the extent of the works and contract price are established by the mutual agreement through protracted discussion or negotiation. Based on my case study, the suitable type of tendering method can be applied for this project is a selective tender.

This is because to have a good management in the tender process. In the project, the contractor should have to consider on the aspect based on the project.

The contractor must have to complete the 92 units of semi-detached house with the good features of boasts top-notch, fitting, and design layout that shown the best of millennium developments. For example the uses of lighting, the ventilation, and fire contraction in semi-detached house. The contractor also must touch the futuristic of the developments. The skill of contractor and consultant is very important to make sure the project success. The project also must finish on time, so the selective tender is the best way to find out the good contractor to di this project.

The consultant firm is a team that have members with different skill.

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In consultant firm should have the project manager, architect, civil and surveyor engineering, mechanical and electrical engineering, and also landscape architect. The project manager needs to manage the work of project and make sure the project finish on time. The architect needs to produce a unique and best design to show to the client. The civil and surveyor engineering also one of the important members in construction industry because they need to measure and assume the quantity will use in the project. The mechanical and electrical engineering will use their skills to install the uses of electricity and the uses of water into the house.

For example, the electrical engineer will install the lighting circuit and make sure the building have an electricity.

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The landscape architect helps to make sure the building more interesting like the uses of painting for the wall and the uses of mosaic for the floor. Selective tender also known as pre-qualified tendering or restricted tendering. Selective tendering has two types are one or single stage process, and two stage process. One or single stage process has two envelopes which is technical and financial bids. The two stage process has to envelopes which is post qualification questionnaire and technical or financial bids.

The selective tender only open to a limited number of contractor that are prequalified or pre selected from the list. So they are invited to submit their tenders or bids by the employer. This project very big and need a suitable contractor to do it. So the selecting of contractor very important to make sure the project success.

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The selective tender is to ensure only contractor with the necessary experiences and competence are given opportunity to submit the bids. There are many advantages and disadvantages of the selective tender. The advantages of this select tender a reduced documentation and make the shorter period of tender than open tender. The tender have submitted considered on the basis of price alone and the lowest may be selected with little risk.

This select tender is a better management of the tender process and by pre qualifying, the number of potential tenderers reduced drastically. The uses of selective tender also have a disadvantage such as the process of developing the tender list, prequalification and invitation to tender used more resources in employer side. Sign up to our newsletter to receive a promo code. Receive discount.

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Check your email, discount code is already there. Academic Level. Estimated Date:. Estimated Price:. Order now. With advancement in technology, software development helps project managers and allows them to visually plan highway construction projects. They also calculate the controlling activity path of such schedules and are able to print reports of the status of. Construction Education words - 2 pages In the construction domain, the semantic web has been used in the field of construction education, supply chain, project and construction management, material storage, project design, architecture and graphic designs, etc.

In the field of construction education, repositories have been developed in managing objects as well as metadata using ontologies that offers a set of services such as storing, retrieving and searching of learning objects. The Impact of Human Activity on the Climate is Global Warming words - 6 pages from Environment Canada, the construction industry contributed to around 1.

Although, it accounts for only 1.

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Best practices for GHG emissions reduction are well discussed and play significant roles in. Construction Industry words - 5 pages that long term productivity was experienced with a significant improvement in the equipment technology Goodrum and Haas, Although many studies have been attempted to measure the performance of the construction industry there exist no reliable data, which confirms that the productivity has either increased or decreased for both construction industry and its sub-sectors Chapman and Butry, Two studies in the areas of labor.

One of the effects of the technology architectural is ecology. In the s, sustainable, green and ecological architecture emerged. Some words became part of the architecture.

For example: energy-saving, accumulation of waste, recycling, sustainability , solar architecture, natural materials and. Having such power in these nail guns could cause serious injury and in some cases death. As the construction field has grown so has the technology with tools. Today there are many different types of nail guns on the market.

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There is two types of nail guns that are most popularly used today: the stick style and the coil style nail guns. Either of the nail guns can be powered by different means, though. The relevant inspection and review regarding the project completion need to be done appropriately. There were tremendous growths in the development of IT applications in construction process since s. Today, a. SCOT provides a multi-directional model based on the property of interpretative flexibility, and emphasizes on social influences on the technology design and development.

essay about construction technology Essay about construction technology
essay about construction technology Essay about construction technology
essay about construction technology Essay about construction technology
essay about construction technology Essay about construction technology
essay about construction technology Essay about construction technology
essay about construction technology Essay about construction technology
essay about construction technology Essay about construction technology
essay about construction technology Essay about construction technology

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