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When you're a peer reviewer, you're reading it for the first time all in one glance. With this new perspective, you can more easily identify gaps, questions and concerns in the structure of the paper. Does point A leap to point B leaving little to hold on to? Note that the author should include a better transition. Are you left wondering what point C has to do with point A?

Highlight the need for a better connection between main points. With an objective, outside perspective, you can help the author improve the flow and clarity of their paper to communicate most effectively. As a reviewer of a paper, you want to fully understand the content you're reading. And when you come across a section that you're left wondering what's going on, it can be frustrating.

An important question to ask as you review a paper is if each section contains sufficient description and detail to add value to the paper. Notice those areas that come across as too vague and uninteresting. Highlighting the desire for more information encourages the author to add clarity and enhance their ability to communicate effectively. While this final question may be the most obvious, you want to help your author out by pointing out those grammar and word choice errors that she may have missed.

Being on the lookout for these types of errors can also help you as the reviewer to refresh your skills in grammar, punctuation, paragraphs and APA Style. Incorporating a peer review process in finalizing a paper is immensely beneficial for both the author and the reviewer.

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The peer edit. But the peer edit can be so beneficial in enhancing your writing. This might be a further indication that evaluative comments, either bad or good ones level I, II or III , are more or less stable propositions accounting for the institutionalization of this type of academic discourse. Thus, the fact that the editor receives a poor-quality report, i.

In this study, the feedback quality of the reviewers reports of research articles was described considering the length of the reports and the review time. From our results, it can be concluded that there is no clear relation between feedback quality, length of reports, and review time, yet some tendencies can be identified: length and time showed to be inversely associated with feedback quality, i. In fact, conducting a good quality review requires neither writing too much nor taking too long.

The results of this research might be useful to authors, referees, and editors. Editors could use these data to design review guidelines that ensure the feedback quality of review reports. As a virtuous circle, if authors received better feedback, their articles would be certainly improved. Consequently, this would ultimately lead to better publications, which is valuable to the journal editor. The results could also serve as a warning sign for editors. As our data suggest, when a review report takes longer than 3 months to reach the editor, its feedback quality is always low.

For editors, this can mean investing a lot of time and resources and getting a low payback. Thus, a good policy would be that editors ask reviewers to send the report back within a maximum of two months or, otherwise, exclude any report that takes more than 90 days to be returned. Clearer review protocols could reduce length and improve feedback quality, and new editorial policies could set an acceptable period to return the evaluation report to the editor, thus improving the overall quality of the process.

The limitation of the study is that conclusions are difficult to generalize, since data only came from three journals from one country.

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Therefore, to strengthen the conclusions of research, it would be important to explore the effect of other variables such as discipline, country, prestige of the journal, and level of experience of reviewers. All authors contributed to the conception, design of the study, data analysis, and final editing.

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    The peer review process

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    How to Peer Review a Paper

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