Water crystallization coursework

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Water of crystallization is the fixed amount of water that an hydrated salt contains.

Water of crystallization and copper sulphate - Water - Chemistry

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The formula of an hydrated salt is generally written as M. In this experimental investigation, we are going to determine the formula of hydrated Iron II Sulphate, which is given to us in the instruction as FeSO4. Our main objective is to determine the value of x. Determining the value of x will involve the use of two different methods then comparing the results.

The other method involves making the hydrated salt into a solution then perform some titration with a suitable aqueous solution, preferably, potassium permanganate VII. The other un-represented species in the reaction did not change during the course of the reaction. Calculating the number of moles in the solution and the can allow as to calculate the formula. Iron II Sulphate salt normally exists as a hydrated salt.

Hydrated salt contains a fixed amount of water and in most case, the number of moles of water is discrete. In some chemistry books, the value of x is given as 7, i.

This investigation involves performing at least two different experiments and comparing the results. In this experiment, there are so many variables that needed to be controlled for the results to be varied. The following are some of them.

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We had to use an electronic beam balance to measure it and the experiment was done away from the taps to prevent water plinking on to the crucible, which could influence our results. The procedure is given in the instruction. It involves heating the salts, noting down the change in mass every 2 minutes, however, you have to wait after heating before measuring the mass, until the crucible is cool.

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Water of Crystallisation

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Crystallization and Characterization of RDX, HMX, and CL | Crystal Growth & Design

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water crystallization coursework Water crystallization coursework
water crystallization coursework Water crystallization coursework
water crystallization coursework Water crystallization coursework
water crystallization coursework Water crystallization coursework
water crystallization coursework Water crystallization coursework
water crystallization coursework Water crystallization coursework
water crystallization coursework Water crystallization coursework

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