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Whenever you have questions you can just go online and ask for help. I currently reside in Australia and the life is great. I'm super happy! I've just seen my results and I could reach the scores that I need which was 7 in each in category. The tips I got from the course made me jump from 6. Nothing surprised me because every part was previously explained in the course material.

Learn how to instantly increase your score with the right vocabulary and how to answer the question fully for your 7 or higher with 6 lessons and 12 videos. Regardless of which visual information is presented to you, your job is to write a summary of the visual information. You must write words or more, and you should spend around 20 minutes on this part of the test. The writing strucutre can be as follows:. Let's look at each different possible type of visual graphs, tables, charts, and diagrams you could encounter in your IELTS writing test:.

In this type of task, you will be given one or more line graphs. Each line graph will have lines showing how values change over time.

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The time period could be the past, the present or the future, or a combination of all three. Your task is to write a summary, covering the most important points and supporting your description by including data. In a line graph, there are usually multiple lines that show changes over time. In your writing, you need to group information based on lines having similar trends or values, so your essay structure will be as follows:.

Step 1: Analyse the graph and plan how to group the information. It is evident that hamburgers consumption and fried chicken consumption show an upward trend, whereas the pizza consumption shows a downward trend.

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Therefore, the best way to group the data would be as follows:. Step 2: Write an essay using the recommended essay structure. The chart illustrates the consumption of three kinds of fast food by teenagers in Mauritius from to Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant. Write at least words. The line graph depicts the consumption of three types of fast food, hamburgers, pizza, and fried chicken over a 30 year period by Mauritian teenagers. Units are given as the number of times each kind was eaten per year.

Three kinds of fast food by teenagers in Mauritius from to Overall , hamburgers and fried chicken had become the most popular foods by with the biggest increase in numbers eaten, while pizza that was the most widely-eaten at the start, declined precipitously in popularity. Body paragraph 1. With regards to hamburgers, consumption showed a steady upward trajectory from 10 times eaten per year to over 70 times.

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Likewise , teenagers in Mauritius ate fried chicken only 5 times per year in before rising dramatically to a plateau in , then increased slightly at the end of the period to finish as the second most popular food. Body paragraph 2. On the contrary , although pizza was the most popular food with Mauritian adolescents in , its consumption fell continuously from 60 times a year to just 10 pizzas by the last year.

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In this type of task, you will be given one or more bar charts. The bar charts may show how values change over time dynamic data , the differences between values at one point in time static data , or the results of a survey or questionnaire. The information could be about the situation in the past, the present, or the future, or a combination of all three. There are three different scenarios you will encounter in a bar chart task:. Each scenario requires you to write the report differently.

In this type of task, you will be given one, two. The pie charts may show percentages of a total figure. If you have one pie chart, it will represent one point in time static data. If you have two or more pie charts, they may represent how the percentages change over time or compare different countries or groups. In this type of task, you are given a table containing data. Often there is too much information, so you won't be able to include every detail. For this type of question, you will be given a diagram which shows how something works. The diagram may show a machine, a system, or a natural phenomenon.

Often there is no data or little data included. Your task is to summarize the information shown in the diagram. For this type of question, you will be given one, two or three maps. The maps may show a town, city, island, or other geographical area.

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Maps usually show the changes which occurred in the area during a period of time. The changes could be related to construction e. In this type of task, you will be given two sets of data. The data will be different types. For example, one set might be change over time while the second set is static. Alternatively, one set of data could show percentage whereas the second set shows numbers. You may also be given an illustration e.

We suggest you sign up for a 7 day free trial and complete the following lessons:. In IELTS general training writing task 1, you will be presented with a situation and will need to write a personal response in the form of an informal, semi-formal or formal letter of at least words.

The situations you are asked to write about are common, everyday ones such as:. In regards to the situation, you will be given information in the form of three bullet points that you must include in your response. To do this, you may need to do some of the following:. The writing style you'll use depends who you're asked to write to i. You need to write in a style that is appropriate for your audience and that will help you to achieve your purpose for writing, e.

You do not need to include any addresses at the head of your letters. As mentioned, don't spend any more than 20 minutes on this task and make sure you write at least words or you will be penalised. While you will not be penalised for writing more than words, you should remember that a longer task 1 answer may mean that you have less time to spend on task 2, which contributes twice as much to the Writing band score.

You should also remember that you'll be penalised for irrelevance, if the response is off-topic or is not written as full, connected text e. You will be severely penalised for plagiarism i. In this type of question, you will be given a problem or situation. Your task is to describe the causes of the situation and some of the effects of the situation. Obesity among children has risen sharply over the last decade in western countries. The prime causes of obesity are unhealthy eating habits and an inactive lifestyle. In recent years , there has been a surge in the consumption of convenience foods among modern families.

Busy parents with no time to cook rely on prepared meals to feed their families. Such foods have little to no nutritional value which contributes to obesity. In addition , children these days spend inordinate amounts of time playing video games than playing outside with friends resulting in insufficient physical activity each day. For example , studies show that children in France exercise on average around 20 minutes per day as compared to 75 minutes 30 years ago. The possible effects of obesity are a range of health issues. Regarding physical health, diseases, such as type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure, are known to be higher in overweight children than their peers.

When children are obese , they are more likely to be bullied and ostracized by classmates because they look or behave differently. This has been known to cause low self-esteem and depression in many, and thus shun friends in favor of time alone. However , by addressing this problem while young, much can be done to aid a child in becoming a healthy functioning adult. In this type of question, you will be given two opposing views related to an issue. Usually, the two views will be in separate sentences connected by a transition word such as "however" to indicate that the two views contrast.

Your task is to write a discursive essay, contrasting both sides of the issue and presenting your own view. According to some, good health goes hand in hand with regular exercise, yet others feel that it is more important to maintain a balanced diet. In my opinion, I believe that exercise is more essential for the majority of people. There are several benefits to a balanced diet for good mental and physical health. For one thing , eating well lifts moods. Simple foods that are varied in color and type can lift mood and lower the risk of depression. Eating more fruits, colorful vegetables, proteins, and whole grains helps the body run efficiently.

This makes dieters feel good , and as a result more willing to be active which thus makes them healthier. For another thing , eating well makes people less prone to getting sick by building a body less susceptible to disease.

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Vitamins and minerals in diet boost immunity , which protects the body against certain diseases like obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure. On the other hand , I believe that exercise is more effective at improving health since it encourages long-term health habits from the beginning. Exercising not only burns calories , but makes people feel good. While starting a diet is never a pleasant experience, cardiovascular exercises like cycling, walking or swimming trigger endorphins in the brain that immediately decrease stress levels, and enhance our sense of well-bein g.

Once people start feeling good from exercise, they are more likely to continue.

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Doctors usually advise exercising for 20 minutes three times per week, a sufficiently short enough time to make a habit of , and fit into busy schedules. People and Society.

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ielts essay writing practice Ielts essay writing practice
ielts essay writing practice Ielts essay writing practice
ielts essay writing practice Ielts essay writing practice
ielts essay writing practice Ielts essay writing practice
ielts essay writing practice Ielts essay writing practice
ielts essay writing practice Ielts essay writing practice
ielts essay writing practice Ielts essay writing practice
ielts essay writing practice Ielts essay writing practice
Ielts essay writing practice

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