Temptation odyssey essay

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He is a real man, skilled in the sports, handy with a sword and spear, and a master of war strategy. Most of the challenges and adventures in his return voyage from Troy show us this even if we had no idea of his great heroic stature and accomplishments in the Trojan war.

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I found in my reading of the Odyssey that most of the trials the gods place upon him are readily faced with heroic means. These challenges are not necessarily welcomed. Odyssey the protagonist, Odysseus, is venturing home to his native land of Ithaca.

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Throughout the story Odysseus is faced with many great challenges and is forced to make many decisions that will greatly affect his life and that of everyone around him. Each decision is crucial to his survival and his journey home. Homer portrays many patterns that are susceptible throughout the tale. One of the major themes that he portrays is that temptation can befall any man, even Odysseus.

Temptations of Odysseus

Many times throughout. Showing how food displays everyday temptation and how Odysseus recklessness causes his own troubled journey home. This theme is something that is repeated constantly throughout the Odyssey in a multitude of ways and for many reasons. It shows on a scale how human and mortal the characters. Odysseus the protagonist of this epic poem and his sailing crew face frequent temptations that not only determine their loyalty and strength to resist these temptations, but also how long-lasting their sail back home can be.

In order to.

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In The Odyssey, Homer uses the siren scene to symbolize temptation in different ways. It represents how temptation can come in many different ways; and it can control us no matter how much we know that it is wrong to give in.

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  4. In The Odyssey, temptation came to Odysseus and his crew. His brawny physique undoubtedly grants him the strength to swim, climb, run and even kill his way back to his wife. But Odysseus cannot return home on physical force alone, as many of the obstacles he faces are mental. Perhaps the greatest of these obstacles is temptation. Robert A. Odysseus is constantly dealing with obstacles that have been set in place by the Gods. Mainly the obstacle involves a woman being a temptress in order to detour Odysseus from his journey home to Ithaca.

    Eventually, Odysseus resists the seductresses in order to continue his journey home to Ithaca so he can finally see his wife Penelope. In The Odyssey women have a. Along the journey home, Odysseus and his men are presented with many situations that act as tests of their personal character and self-control. Whether it be the temptation of revelry, the ability to escape their worries, or gluttony, the men must choose between their own selfish desires or resistance for the communal good.

    Many themes relating to the human condition are prevalent in the various adventures faced by Odysseus, his men, and his family over the ten year journey. Odysseus and his crew were able to resist most of the temptations that they faced. He resists and waits for the right time.

    Homer's The Odyssey Essay

    This difference of falling to temptation and restraining oneself sets him apart. Heroism means to overcome internal and external enemies. Odysseus, the protagonist of the epic, faces many enemies, temptations and challenges during his long homeward journey.

    Great Books: HOMER'S ODYSSEY

    Not only does he overcome those external enemies, but also overcomes his internal conflicts despite some distractions. For example, he defeats Cyclopes through his wit and Scylla and Charybdis through his courage. During the fight against Circe, he shows courage and patience. Trickery and deception are used in the world as a necessity for survival. Athena offers help in disguises. Odysseus, too, keeps his identity a secret to avoid detection and likely reprisals from his enemies. Odysseus also deceives Cyclops by giving him a false name, Noman.

    This play of trickery and identity continues even when Odysseus reaches home. He pretends to be a beggar and discloses his identity to his son, Telemachus and a soldier to resolve the chaos created by the suitors of his wife. The eternal questions of fate and free will are minor themes of The Odyssey.

    Themes in The Odyssey

    Is fate free from divine intervention; is it superior to gods and goddesses, or is fate some higher power — these are a few questions concerning Odysseus and other characters. Although Zeus is the father of all gods and goddesses, he may not have power over fate. Odysseus uses his free will to act in a way he wants. Later, he faces the consequences after blinding Cyclops and is punished by Poseidon. At some points, Athena helps him to overcome certain challenges. Despite this, it is not clear what fate is, though, it is clear that Zeus has fated Odysseus to journey for a decade to teach him a lesson for his extreme arrogance and pride.

    The Odyssey Essay

    Justice and punishment are two crucial social norms among others which are supposedly supported by Gods like Zeus and others. No matter how great a hero may become, he must be righteous and have integrity; if he fails he must face the consequences. In other words, if gods punish a hero to dispense justice. As an example, Poseidon continues to punish Odysseus, delaying his journey.

    Athena also continues to support Odysseus to keep balance as he faces his transgressions.

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