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December 11, Sociology 2 Ms. Drug abuse is the misuse of any drug or medication other than the purpose it was intended to serve. Drug addiction refers to the physical or mental dependence on a drug or medication. The five most common abused drugs in the United States are the legal drugs alcohol and nicotine, and the illicit drugs marijuana, methamphetamine, and cocaine. He presents at a low-income. In this case would e drunk in a work place.

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How the person is influenced to drink alcohol. Having to work will being over the flounced of alcohol can make you do more than your work is preformed. Many people can describe what is happening while being drunk at a workplace. Would a person that is abusing alcohol go to programs to help them from coming to work drunk. Huston English March 30th, Drugs and Alcohol abuse One of the issues people face is today's day is alcohol overdose.

Statistics show that millions of people die of drug abuse and alcohol annually. Also, this statistic includes the use of alcohol. This staggering rate requires that people better understand the many effects of alcohol. Alcohol is a very poor drug to reduce a person's anxiety or depression. Anxiety and depression are caused by an inappropriate response. Drug abuse in the U. Students today are found abusing not only illegal but.

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Every year drug abuse has impacted millions of American families worldwide. Drug abuse is simply the over usage of drugs. People who typically abuse drugs are those who are addicted. Well, how does addiction link with drug abuse? The addiction of a drug can become so strategic that it takes over ones life, causing them to use everyday.

With this over abundance of drug use the body get comfortable. Sleepiness,irritability,confusion CNS Depressants Blurred vision,dizziness,slurred speech,drowsiness,headache, skin rash Blood and liver disease Opiates Nausea,vomiting,decreased alertness,drowsiness,depressed respiration Constipation,infections associated with infecting Alcohol Impaired judgment,decreased. Billions of dollars are spent internationally preventing drug use, treating addicts, and fighting drug-related crime.

Although drugs threaten many societies, their effects can also be combated successfully. Drug abuse causes multiple problems for countries and communities.

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  8. The medical and psychological effects are very obvious. We can try to raise awareness and fight the battle of drug abuse as a nation. Addicts cannot function. These substances come in many forms, such as prescription drugs, illicit drugs and probably the most common, alcohol. In the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, it was reported that million Americans over the age of 12 used illicit drugs and drink alcohol.

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    Of those million, 23 million need some sort of treatment for substance abuse but only 2. Soloman 23 October Effects of Drug Abuse Drugs can be found everywhere an individual looks and it can seem like just about everyone around you is doing drugs. Not only can drug abuse affect the body and loved ones, but also society.

    No matter what the race, gender or the age is many teenager are getting addicted to drugs. During high school year many teenagers are trying to figure out who they are in society. For many teenagers high school years are the worst times. During this time many teenagers try to do anything to cope their problems by taking drugs. The most important social issue studied in grade 9 english class is Drug abuse because it causes depression. There are many famous people children look up to who abuse drugs. One actress that has had struggles is Lindsey Lohan.

    She was born in New York, New York in She started out doing modeling at age three. Her first starring role in acting was at age 12 in the Disney movie remake of the parent trap. Today, drugs and alcohol are being abused by underage young adults, and for the most part, it is getting out of control. Recently, the home of former poet Robert Frost was broken into and vandalized by a group of underage adults.

    Addiction is a chronic disorder that tears families apart as it destroys the individuals themselves.

    There is a thin line that family members walk in order to function with an addict daily. The impact that family member have can either be a positive facilitator towards the addicts recovery or the family can become drawn into the addicts world of abuse and addiction.

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    There are various. Unfortunately, people often take this fun too far by delving into excessive drug and alcohol abuse. This impacts millions of college students every year in multiple ways, including creating a lifelong addiction, causing educational problems, and even personal injury.

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    However, it is possible to avoid alcohol and drug abuse in college. It takes.

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    Having knowledge about alcohol and drug abuse, preventing toxic relationship with friends, and being informed about the consequences of drug and alcohol abuse can prevent the harmful use or consumption of drugs and alcohol. First and foremost, having knowledgeable information on the impact drugs and. This has been a huge issue for years. This has become a trend in society as of today. This paper will discuss the perspective of adolescent alcohol and drugs.

    This paper will also identify and inform you on the common predictors of adolescent. Drugs and alcohol are very dangerous to your body. Teens are the most likely to start off a hard life by using drugs and alcohol. Many drink and use drugs to excession, several drink and do drugs on a regular basis, some drink and do drugs on occasion, but a number of people may not like drugs and alcohol and may never use them. Alcohol is a depressant which means it slows down the Central Nervous System.

    According to. Some people need to dominate others to feel they have power. These people use oppression and abuse as tools to attain power. Physical abuse enables them to make victims powerless over them. Economic abuse ensures that victims are dependent and cannot escape abuse. Mental disorders, low esteem or stress may drive offenders who use violence to attain power. Such abuse may be reversed through medication and therapy with support from family. When people use drugs, they may be unaware of consequences of actions. They are unable to reason rationally and may resort to abuse. People who live with drug abusers suffer most from effects of drugs including increasing irritability, delusions, stress and other effects.

    These may lead to domestic violence and can be treated through medication and therapeutic interventions. Research reveals that children who undergo abuse when young may replicate the abuse as adults. Abused children have higher chances of practicing family violence as adults compared to those not abused. This is explained by the sociological theory where children practice things imparted on them during the sociological process.

    When they are abused, they may view it as part of socialization and they may commit the same to their families as adults. In addition, children who do not have proper social vices imparted during socialization are likely to commit vices such as drug use. Many victims suffer from stigma which hinders them from reporting cases of domestic violence. Children require both parents for normal development and when one parent is jailed for a crime, children are raised by single parents.

    This hinders the reporting and prosecution of marital rape cases by wives and explains the high number of marital abuse cases globally. Such people form social groups in which they view themselves as outcasts and begin rebelling against social norms. Stress is a major factor which drives people to abuse drugs. When people are stressed, they lose hope and look for alternative means of relieving the stress. Many opt to use drugs, and the common drug abused due to stress is alcohol.

    This is why it is their drug of choice. Other drugs abused due to stress include marijuana, cocaine, heroin and others. All these drugs are addictive and have potential to detach users from reality. This may lead to the commission of violent acts by drug users. Victims of violence may include family members, hence domestic violence.

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