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Risks Involved With Prostitution

I've given gifts for sex. I even once wrote a term paper for sex she got an "A" and I had a fine time, so I'd call that a fair exchange. But had I ever just coughed up cold hard cash for sex, I would have tripped over a legal line that violates the law in most U. It's ridiculous that the U.

Prostitution should be legalized. (My proposal essay)

The reasons why prostitution remains illegal in so many places generally boils down to two arguments: Prostitution sets the wrong tone for society, and it degrades the people who peddle the favors. The first argument can be described as the "conservative" one, and it is held by folks who despise sex outside of marriage. They see commercial sex as a threat to the institution of marriage, which is supposed to be the backbone of society -- a conservative society, of course.

The second argument is the "liberal" one, and is usually intended to apply only to women, not men, who solicit their favors on the open market. There are, of course, abuses in prostitution. Prohibitionists on the left wing "whoop and holler" about women being pressed into service as sexual slaves around the world, brutalized, and exploited. Right-wingers, on the other hand, add to their moralistic arguments with public-health warnings about sexually transmitted diseases - a stronger argument than the "sanctity of marriage" in the age of AIDS.

But, if anything, both of these arguments are stronger cases for legalization than against. An above-ground hooker is a worker in yet one more legal trade. Beating or abusing an above-ground hooker is much the same as kidnapping a man and forcing him to be a bank clerk or walking into a bar and punching a waitress - the perpetrator can expect serious legal consequences. But, when the trade is illegal, it's going to attract the same sort of bruisers who dominate all sectors of the underworld, and a hooker isn't likely to risk her freedom to call the cops on an abusive john or brutal pimp.

Likewise, a legal prostitute, whether an employee or entrepreneur, is likely to have health coverage and a public profile that encourages healthy practices as a "competitive advantage. Simply put, the difference between legal and illegal prostitution is the difference between the corner pharmacy and the corner drug dealer.

Prostitutes will argue that they are fully aware of what they're doing and just want to be left alone to do their business and make a living face the ultimate insult. They're told that their first-hand experience automatically makes them victims who are unfit to judge their own experiences. That basically amounts to a bunch of self-appointed "elites" patting the hookers on the back and saying, "there, there, we know your lives better than you do. Moralistic prohibitionists have no need of such a tactic, since they regard prostitutes as the definition of social evil.

Surprisingly, high prevalence of police officers demanding sex from prostitutes in return for avoiding arrest.

Prostitution means, the act or practice of engaging, and a career in which it is contempt by society even if it has been around for centuries. It began many centuries ago, as a way to service for the God. Today prostitution has become more and more open to the extent that some countries approve for the legalization of prostitution, countries such as, Bulgaria and the Netherlands industry. In my opinion, prostitution is an immoral transaction, even if it has been around for thousands of years.

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The article does not entirely agree because it has brought many negative effects, such as health, community policy issues and religious issues. As we all know, that the biggest impact caused by prostitution is none other than health problems.

Prostitution Should Be Legal essays

There are many impacts created by prostitution, whether to the society or other people, and it is physically harmful to sex workers. These STD are alarmingly high among women in the prostitution industry. Janice, Besides that, it does not only gravely impair to the sex workers, but it will also be passed to innocent people such as their couple partners.

It shows that prostitution does not only affect sex workers and clients, but it also implicates to innocent people as well. Assuming that these diseases are uncontrollable and are continuously being spread out into community, the consequences will be disastrous. Hence, the rate of health in the community will be in the danger zone. Furthermore, prostitution also related to the crime problems in the community.

Most prostitution industries connected to crime groups such as triad. Illegal prostitution does not bring any benefit to the society; instead, it will increase the rate of crime. Because prostitution is being induce, it leads to the production of criminal such as theft robbery, assault, murder, alcoholism, drug abuse, kidnapping, human trafficking and others.

Some of the sex woman workers are victims of human trafficking which are manipulated by criminal groups. Many of them are living in a violent environment even life threatening ones as Emily Bazelon mentioned in the article. She mentioned that women who fear prosecution could not go to the police for help due to life threats. As the article mentioned, many of the works involve the sales of bodily services and that lots of the works involve bad working condition.


I strongly believe that legalizing prostitution is a huge mistake because not only will it encourage the rate of crime to continuously rise but sooner or later it will become a rampant increase. More succinctly, legalizing prostitution industry will increase the demand of sex worker because of the shortage of voluntary sex workers, so they will kidnap girls and force them to be sex workers.

Therefore, do not legalize prostitution is the best choice. In fact, professional ethics have always despised sex workers in the society because it is a violation of religious moral teachings. Prostitution represents a distortion of traditional cultural values and a corruption of humanity.

Argument: Should prostitution be legalized?

For example, there have five percepts in Buddhism. One of the percepts is talking about prostitution. Prostitution is a systematic violation of this rule, a problem Buddhists need to take more seriously. From this, we know that a religionist or a superior man does not allow prostitution. Even in ancient China, the status of sex workers has no value and its level is lower compared to slaves. Despite some countries acceptance, the Muslim religionist in Malaysia does not.

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Therefore, Malaysia has laws to those prostitution offenders. They will be given serious punishments if the laws are violated. In section 21 of Act , it is demonstrates that any women who are involves in prostitution shall be arrest and offense on conviction be liable to a fine not exceeding five thousand ringgit or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding three years or to whipping not exceeding six strokes or to any combination thereof. This is one of the ways Muslim people go against prostitution, which is using strict laws.

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