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St. Michael the Archangel

From the spoken words of influential leaders, to emotionally powerful lyrics in a song, heroic audio is all around us. Deadline: JUNE 1st. Clair St. Michael the Archangel blingcheese. Thoughts of philanthropists, socialists, humanists, and men of service come up, but one person in particular rises above the rest, and that is Saint Michael. I consider Saint Michael a hero because of his values and because of what he fights to uphold.

He is seen as the Patron Saint of all who fight for the safety or protection of others.

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He is considered the protector of the weak and stands for all who cannot defend themselves. Saint Michael is credited with the slaying of a demonic dragon and is seen religiously as the war leader of heaven against all the forces of evil and the devil, both of which solidify his warrior-like persona. Saint Michael is seen as the father of all warriors, soldiers, and all who fight any force of evil. Thus, it is ensured that good always triumphs over evil. He is my hero because of everything he stands for and because of everything he inspires. He is the ultimate symbol of justice and of the fight for good.

He stands for an everlasting fight against evil, and I believe that is what makes a hero. Essays on Heroism. Watch our short introduction video for more information. Michael every morning. But Your wonderful writing has boosted my faith. How very much I enjoy Your posts, Fr.

Another great post, Fr. So many things to ponder. And what a coincidence? And all the new to me information about St. We have a large wall in our living room dedicated to pictures of family, the ever expanding family wall. High above it we have a cathedral ceiling there , is hanging a large painting of St. Michael the Archangel by Guido Reni that our son gave me for Christmas a few years ago.

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I look at it often and think about how he is protecting our family. Thanks for posting it. Thanks to Pornchai for suggesting it. Thanks for another wonderful post. Where else may anyone get that type of information in such an ideal manner of writing? I have a presentation subsequent week, and I am on the look for such information. Dearest Father, I have stumbled across your blog by accident but cannot express the encouragement it has given me since I have recently suffered injustice in my professional life. I know that St. Michael has guided me here to gain a more full understanding of what it is to stand in the light in the face of adversity.

You are an example of strength. I will pray for truth and justice to prevail as a final. Thank you very much for this comment, Chris. As a prisoner I have no online access at all, but your comment was read to me. Michael has become a great symbol of justice for me as well as an advocate in Heaven. I appreciate your words and I hope you will continue to read These Stone Walls and recommend it to others.

With blessings, Fr. MacRae: I just read your information from ICatholic and on your website, etc. I am speechless! Innocents are always caught up in every type of war—and that is what you are in.

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My prayers are with you. Michael the Archangel Defend us Battle.. The matches I give to you to keep the light shining are my prayers and sacrifices to help you along the way.

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Father, Saint Michael is the patron of paramedics, and as such, holds a special place in my prayer intentions. I pray to him daily, in fact, several times each day. Your post gave me some new information about this great saint. I thank you for that.

It generally takes about four months to be said, and I will try to let you know when it happens, so that you can unite yourself in prayer to this Mass. In order to fight, and win against evil, one must call on Michael! If you have This warrior you can not fail!!! Our Blessed Mother never leaves Heaven without him what does that tell ya??? Relating to prisoners personalizing their belongings.

One of my cloistered brothers used an old tee shirt as a book cover. The book cover was tee shirt material. On the cover and the back, he had drawn with a pen, a Dominican Cross. It was eye catching. I also know well the prayer the Prayer for Justice and Mercy. I know it as a Prayer for those in Prison Ministry and it was used in an ecumenical prayer service for us in prison ministry. I actually pasted on the inside cover of my prayer book—to personalize it.

I copied and pasted the prayer and will be passing it onto some friends and saving it for use personally. Thank you for the article today, FAther Gordon, as well as the personal notes about pictures in prison and blocks. They remind me to not forget. As always, thank you for this informative and inspiring post. Thanks you for re-doing it!

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It was worth it. What a comfort it is to have Saint Michael watching over the world. We need the help of the angels in our daily struggles. Saint Michael, having been present throughout history, and being present now, affords us with the hope and strength we need to live faithfully in our time. When I go to pray outside abortion facilities I often picture a band of angels among us and over us, and ask for an impartation of courage for the women going inside, to confront the evil that is so prevalent and has darkened their minds and deceived them.

The angels are beauty and strength—we so often forget about them. Thank you for this wonderful post and the images. Your post has given so much more depth and meaning to this feast day of St Michael and the Archangels. I did not know about the meaning of the scales he held. What a wonderful reminder that we are to be merciful as God is merciful with us. I always look forward to your Wednesday posts.

My faith and knowledge are always increased by them. Dear Father Gordon, Your articles — and courage- are so uplifting! We have some priests here in Ireland who also have been falsely accused and imprisoned. What a martyrdom!

essay on saint michael the archangel Essay on saint michael the archangel
essay on saint michael the archangel Essay on saint michael the archangel
essay on saint michael the archangel Essay on saint michael the archangel
essay on saint michael the archangel Essay on saint michael the archangel
essay on saint michael the archangel Essay on saint michael the archangel
essay on saint michael the archangel Essay on saint michael the archangel

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