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Thus it will need financing which will be obtained mostly from CSR of Maybank as well as commercial loan for the set-up of the forprofit entity and supported by social investors. As per Graph 1,it is observed that as the business grows and develops from its embyonic stage to its maturity, The investment risk decreases proportionallly. This will therefore be an advantage in terms of encouraging and motivating social investors and foundations to support the my project.

Hotbread Kitchen Hotbread is a bakery which is located in New York where low income immigrant women are trained and empowered into new product development experts.

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The CEO, Jessamyn Rodriguez has founded this enterprise through a mix of charity and social basis with the core purpose of increasing women workforce within the baking industry. By bringing women from different countries of the world, there is a blend of culture and way of baking to manufacture products from their origin. In this way, Jessamyn aims at making these women tell their stories through bread making. This is a means by which she is able to raise awareness the social cause of poverty and female unemployment in this industry.

Figure Hotbread Kitchen Products. Survey of Arts Management. Starbucks in Malaysia Starbucks is recognized as the leading speciality coffee company in Malaysia where it has more than outlets. It portays mostly the middle class lifestyle of malaysian and has been able to create love between its product as well as consumer.

It depends highly on its cafe ambiance as main attraction for its customer. The revenue of Starbucks has been increasing from ear to year during the last decade and it has introduced starbucks cards in malaysian outlets. Design Aspect Program Design: Men and women are employed by the bakery for one year, during which they are given the skill set to seek employment outside of Hot Bread. The employees bake breads from their home countries and sell it in the bakery in order to create a consistent source of revenue and operate with a commercial business model while remaining mission focused and applicable for grants and other non-profit benefits.

Rely significantly on commercial revenue to sustain operations. HBK Incubates program, which rents commercial kitchen space to small business owners female and male , where they can avoid financial instabilities, get financial and marketing assistance. Brand The company has its own identity. The branding of this enterprise is reflected through the women immigrants telling stories through bread. Its product demonstratedthat authentic purpose every Roster of 14 women single day. For nine blogs and packaging for months, women get the promotion of product. A company website that has cataloguesof products together with its core purpose where customer can donate online as well, therefore enabling them to reach a greater number of consumers.

In such environ ment customers have a feeling of reduced stress level and have a sense of happy feeling.

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The mission statement is to inspire and nature the human spirit. Starbucks is a private company whose business id for-profit only.

Thus Its capital resourcesis driven by its sales. The sale is promoted by added value of the product and ambiance of its space. Workmanship Aspect Starbucks is a place for socialisation whereby consumers are made to sit close to each other as they are allocated small chairs and tables.

Ambitious and innovative design

This promotes emotional bonding. There is a mix with personal relationship between baristas and customers which gives an added value to the service offered by starbucks. In this process it has implemened the diffrent lifestyle of its target consumer for branding Services Provides good quality and taste of beverage together with excellent counter services. Benchmarking The fact that my project quite unique in nature, as it offers a common platform for social interaction between normal people, speech impaired deaf, together with facilities for coffee and pastry outlet..

Since there are no previous case studies relating to such hybrid model organisation, it becomes quite difficult to position my project in the market. Directories include yellow or white pages, union directories, trade directories or local business directories. Marketing area collaborating with the photography studio of my space for promoting the social cause of my project as well as encourage visibility.

This commercial Printing was established in and was known to be one of the most creative and productive printers in Kuala Lumpur. The building was reconceived in , so as to reprpose the underutilised parts of this printing plant. Now, it host various activities such as exhibitions and cycling community meetups and events. We also have some coffee shops, a hairsaloon, a bar and an exhibition space. The idea to do this was to bring the community together and aspiring creativity through artisans and workshops, as well as encouraging entrepreneurship.

Gallaudet University Residence Hall. This precedent study explores the interaction of the deaf population with respect to the environment.

The implementation of the five design elements: Peripheral, Transparency, Reflection, Vibration and Shared sensory reach help the deaf individuals to move about and interact with their environment. This basic dimension of the space between people influences the basic layout of furnishings and bulding spaces. Since deaf people cannot hear, they need to see the whole body in order to identify the person in front or adjacent to them.

While moving about in conversation, the signers have to keep a wider distance for clear, visual communication. This may also allow them to deal with any hazard or obstacle within their surrounding. Improper lighting conditions can affect or hinder visual communication between the deaf people having face to face interaction.

This can be complemented with coulours to contrast skin tone and improve the use of sign language to facilitate visual wayfinding. Gallaudet University, Classroom. Figure 2: Gallaudet University Bench. Reverberation caused by small waves reflected by hard building surfaces. This can be a problem for the deaf people who are using assistive devices. The visibility inside and outside facilitates the visibility into different spaces from one point of view to another. This therefore allows flexibilty of spaces in terms of circulation and view.

Each space is merged with one another to ease collaboration across every level. The contrast between seen and unseen, audible and inaudible of private and public space is highlighted. The doors and windows setup make the exterior and interior complement each other and become an extension of each other. The Bergasse Office There was a mirror setup in a way that the interior space of the office and exterior space of the street became extension of each other.

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The doors and windows setup of the office was Intriguing in the sense that the exterior of the building could be seen from inside while the interior could be seen from outside. The doors and windows were completely symmetrical with repeated visual motives. The photo documentary of Bergasse 19 had a very specific design which showed spatial arrangements of objects in the interior. This provided a blueprint for later reconstruction of the office museum. Thus Freud made clinical use of the mirror in the treatment of his patients. Consulting Room The Arrangement on and around the consulting room couch displayed a protected enclave which represented a room within a room which was a private interior space.

This gave feelings of safety and security within that space. In the consulting room, the telephone substituted the mirror as the main directing agent of the doctor-patient relationship.

editorial design thesis Editorial design thesis
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editorial design thesis Editorial design thesis

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